Friday, April 15, 2016

Tooth Fairy Visits and Printable

 Our Karabella has been wanting to lose a tooth for a while now. She is the youngest in her class, so when many of her classmates started losing teeth and telling tales about tooth fairies and special little gifts that they leave behind, she started asking "When am I going to loose a tooth?" She came home Monday with a first loose tooth, so we knew that any day it would be coming out. She has wiggled that little tooth, pushed on that tooth, and even had Daddy try to gently pull it a few times. She finally wiggled her tooth enough that it came out while she was at school on Thursday.

In anticipation of it coming out and I went ahead and made up a little something to mark the occasion and make it special for her. I figure we have many more lost teeth coming our way with Kara, with Miss Evy following not long behind her, so I might as well make a really "official" looking tooth fairy receipt. The girls loved the Santa Tags we made in December, and this is right up there with Fairy Tale creatures. This free printable has two separate files. The first is the tooth receipt plus DIY matching envelope. This printable can be used over and over, as many times as that little fairy visits your home. The second is a "First Lost Tooth Certificate" that will mark that special occasion of the first time your child receives a visit from "The Tooth Fairy."

Hope you and your family can enjoy these little printables as much as we did this week!

Till Next Time!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Waiting on Sweet Laney Lovette...

This past weekend I got to get together with my cousin Kayla and her husband JW to do a maternity shoot up at the farm. All of us "Miles" clan are eagerly awaiting the new bundle of joy that will be here soon. When we were first talking about doing a photo shoot, I asked Kayla where she wanted to meet to do it, and she said "The Farm." It may seem like my family do a lot of pictures there, but it's not just because of good scenery of fields, meadows, forest, or a running creek. My family's legacy is at that end of that red dirt road. All us {aunts, uncles, cousins, parents} have a sentimentality attached to that little piece of land.

 My grandparents built their family there. Holiday traditions ranging from Easter Egg hunts, Thanksgiving lunch, Christmas Eve dinner have paved the path to create lesser known traditions of our family. Traditions like the women-folk sitting at the formal dining room table where we talk shopping, church, and babies. Men take the old kitchen table (which is closer to the food!) where jokes, hunting & fishing tales, and guns and ammo stories are traded. Or traditions of taking pictures of cousins around the tree that once was a lineup of oldest to youngest, now is tallest to shortest. We each know our exact place to be without even thinking about it. And when food is involved, we all are known for a signature dish that is to be brought for holiday get-togethers much so that if you throw a curve ball and bring something different, it can be a serious let down to the rest of us who were excitedly waiting to eat that dish.

These traditions, wrapped in love of family and rooted in our faith of Christ is where our sentimentality comes from for that farm. It's why we take pictures there. It's why Kayla (without missing a beat) can say "At the farm," and I know exactly what memories she wants to capture at that place. It's why all of us children & grandchildren want to continue on with those traditions. It's why we take pictures of our growing families in the field, or on that old rusty tractor, or by the barn, or down at the creek. It's why "visiting the old house" still means something to us even if its in shambles. It is about capturing photos of us and our children enjoying and savoring the legacy that my grandparents have created and gifted to us.

So without further ado.....

Waiting on Sweet Laney Lovette {A Maternity Shoot}


Till Next Time!