Thursday, January 17, 2019

New Year, New Page

Hello 2019!

Just a quick update for all my Lucky Seven stationery customers. 2018 was a busy year for this Lucky Momma. We had A major home renovation, big family move, some surgeries, 2 kids in school, one first year for our lil man...and a major hurricane. This, on top of everyday LIFE for our Family. Even through all that we are Lucky, more importantly BLESSED, to have made it into 2019 with renewed faith, hope and love!
I am still here doing invitations, party stationery, and note cards, I just took somewhat of a siesta with our third child and then of course family recovery efforts from Hurricane Michael. The holidays are normally my busiest time for custom stationery orders and I only did 2 this season!
On that note if you visited the Rowell Lucky Sevens page from November to December, you might have noticed that it was NOT up and running. Due to the Hurricane, I missed my renewal deadline payment from the page (formerly RowellLucky7s. com). I vividly remember opening up my email on morning of hurricane while at the church to remind me to make renewal payment for year. Like many in PC, I had no idea what was coming in the next 4 hours. I told myself I would pay and print the payment for my records once we got home later that day. Of course, that did not happen. I completely forgot about everything until December when I was contacted about doing note cards and found page was not working. Even after I contacted Google, in hopes that they would take sympathy of our panhandle situation, they would not budge on the $110 missed deadline fee. I could not stomach paying that price for my small - work from home - hobby. So I just decided to get a new domain ($12 bucks!). I will update on the business FB page as well as my personal FB page that the new domain is now . The Rowell Lucky Sevens Blog is going to get a face lift this year anyway. I need to update our family bios and of course add all the fun stationery products I had the pleasure of creating this past year.

Through everything that 2018 brought....I still hold firm to our Lucky7s page quote: "Life's not perfect...but it can be Blessed, and I feel pretty LUCKY at the hand I've been dealt." Praying for each and every one of you. May your 2019 be the year of renewal of faith, hope, and love, and may you find that Christ is at the center of all it!

Till next time,