Lucky Family

Hey Everyone! We are the Rowells!


This is me, Katrina. I am the {Lucky} mommy and wife to our little family. I graduated from Florida State University with a degree in Communition. Yes, Yes....I learned to communicate well during my 4 years at FSU! On a serious note, my degree emphasis was in advertising and marketing. Today, I am a stay-at-home mom to my three beautiful children. I love baking, gardening, my crock-pot, reading, photography, spending countless hours on Pinterest, and all things faith, family and fun. On any given Saturday I love to get up at the crack of dawn with my parents to go yard sale-ing and consignment shopping. I love finding a good deal! I am also a country girl at heart. I love to fish and hunt. I grew up down a red dirt road and that dirt gets in your blood. My family means everything to me. I feel truly blessed.

This stud is my husband, Hunter. He loves all things, hunting, boating. He also has a great love for mowing the yard with his beloved riding lawn mower (everybody has to have a hobby, right?). I've recently started calling him MacGuyver Dad because he has fallen in love with learning how to fix things and creating little gadgets. He also loves to "burn some meat" (a.k.a grilling or smoking something). Hunter knows how to grill the perfect steak, smoke the best pork butt, or fancy up some fresh fish. He is a great chef and we work well together in a kitchen. I love this man to the moon and back. He is the true champion of this family... always loving, always providing, always giving his all to his relationship with me, his kids, his family, and his friends.

In 2010 we were blessed with our first little addition, Miss Karabella (Kara, Karebear, Punky). I can say that Karabella is the quintessential "daddy's girl."  She loves nature, being outside, playing with her Legos as much as her baby dolls, and making her siblings laugh. She reminds me so much of me at that age because she loves playing in the dirt looking for lizards, bugs and worms, but doing so with her favorite pair of shoes and a pretty bow in her hair. She is our risk-taker, already has the mind of an engineer, and loves to create things. She is a well rounded young girl and it is such a joy and blessing to watch her grow. She gave us the gift of parenthood and we adore her for it.

And in 2013 we were graced with another sweet girl, Miss Evelynn (Evy, Evy GG, Sissy). She has the sweetest giggle, adores her big sister, and is a complete Mommy's girl. Evy looks so much like her daddy when he was younger. While Kara is all porcelain skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes (much like Mommy), Evy has dark hair, brown eyes, and it already sporting a nice tan (just like her daddy!) Evy is our drama-queen. She loves singing, dancing, and all things in the spotlight. She is persistent and when she throws down a tantrum...she throws down an epic one! She adores her big sister, but never is one to follow behind in another's shadow. She brings a lot of joy and laughter to our family. 

A surprise awaited us in 2017. We found out we were having another baby....a boy! We were overjoyed and a little bit culture-shocked if I do say so. After 7 years of raising girls, a boy was completely new territory, but one that our entire family was excited to adventure out in! Rex Fisher (named after Hunter's beloved grandfather that passed away in 2013) truly did complete our family. This dude is all boy! He loves excitement & adventure...and has had his share of cuts, burns, and bruises to prove it!!! The girls have given him the nickname Bubbie Bruiser, and it fits his personality to a tee! He has stolen our hearts once again, and there is something so special about being able to have a legacy in a son.


Hunter and I met in middle school. We were friends all through high school and then started dating in college. We dated for two years, were engaged for one year and married with thousands of other happy couples on the very blessed date of July 7, 2007, or 7-7-7 {Lucky Sevens}. It hasn't always been an easy road for us, but I could not imagine this journey with anyone else. If you would have told Hunter and I fifteen years ago that we would marry each other and start a family, we both would have laughed in your face. We were really good friends, but such opposites. His crazy, party boy to my calm, studious girl..... it would have seemed so crazy to our 14 year old selves. It's pretty amazing how God plans each and every one of our lives, not by what we want but by what is perfect and right in His sight. I always say that "Life's not perfect, but it can be blessed. And I feel pretty {Lucky} at the hand I've been dealt." I got {Lucky} with my stud, blessed with my children, and I stand amazed at how God works together ALL things.

Hope you enjoy our little {Lucky} Blog. Some post are just devotion-styled excerpts from my heart. Other post are family memories in the making: special holidays, crafts, recipes, and more!  Until Next Time....