Monday, July 21, 2014

Riverbend Recap

 Riverbend Recap 2014 

The Rowell Family has been going on their annual family vacation to Riverbend for over 30 years. Any family gathering for holidays or events, there is always talk about something that happened at Riverbend. "Remember that time at Riverbend when...." or " How many weeks are left until the next Riverbend." "What are you cooking this year at Riverbend?" "How long are you staying this year at Riverbend."

Marrying into this family, I learned really quickly what an important time of year it is for all to gather& reconnect with relaxing, games, good food, good drinks, and good times. I have been going for ten years now, and it has now become a vacation that I look forward to every year. Coming from a "Disney Family" (cause that's where my parents took me every year, sometimes twice!), I knew all about what a vacation meant. But Riverbend is a mix between a vacation, a reunion, and a family tradition. I had to learn what "RB," "Silver Glenn," "Occlawaha Rides," "Picture by the Wall," and  "Generations 1-4" meant and they are all synonymous with happiness and fun.

If this trip, after only ten years, means so much to me, imagine how much it means to my husband and his family. Hunter got me up at 3 am this year just so that we could hit the road and be there by lunch time this year. That's how excited he a kid at Christmas! And it brings him (and myself) so much joy to impart that joy and excitement to our children. This is the first year Kara actually remembered where we were going. She knew that we were going to swim all week and see the "Tators" (Alligators) and fish and just have fun. She knew her cousins name this year and if I heard "I want to go see Levi and play" once, I probably heard it a thousand times! It was wonderful. I am so {Lucky} to be a part of this family and this great and memorial family tradition.

2014 Riverbend Family Photo

That's the Boat from the Film Crew "Ax Men" in the background
Little Gator action on the Occlawaha
Evy's First Occlawaha Ride. She hates her life jacket, Can You Tell?

The Riverbend Gator that hangs out around the dock

An Afternoon Shower rolling in. 

Next Year's Riverbend is in June, so just 11 more months on the Countdown!

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