Monday, October 27, 2014

Crafty Momma Time: Scrabble Family Name Board

I've been wanting to make this Scrabble family name board for our family since I was pregnant with Evy.  We actually used the Scrabble board as an announcement that we were having a baby girl. We included her name and then "it's a girl"on the Scrabble block.  The Scrabble that I used was one that we've had at our house for a while. If you want to do this on the cheap, you can find these at yard sales or at your local Goodwill.  On a Goodwill run that I made with my mom this weekend, I actually found several Scrabble boards and they were only $2.00! So this could be a very inexpensive craft that you could do for your family or as a gift.
What You Need:
1. Scrabble game (appr. $2)
2. Ribbon ($1.99 Walmart)
3. Glue Gun
It may take you awhile to get all of your family's names matched up, but after you do just glue each letter down with the glue gun. I Also wanted to do an "Est. 2007", but Scrabble does not come with numbers. So I improvised by turning over a few unused letters and added the numbers with a black marker. After all my letter blocks were secure, I turned over the board and glued my ribbon securely to the back.
This is such a cute addition to our office/kids play room!

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