Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Lucky Scraps

Here is just a quick update on a few things we have been working on in the Lucky household. I am going to start listing some of my Lucky crafts on Etsy and Facebook for sale. First to load up are the Lucky Scraps Wreaths and Bow Holders. I will eventually add some of the other boutique items I will be selling such as pacifier clips, ribbon garlands, and handmade crib mobiles. Hopefully, after I set up over on Etsy I will have easy ordering and payment options.

The Lucky7s Studio portion will be party stationary and printables. That will take me a while to go through about eight years of files and parties to update and package for Etsy and home blog (so bear with ME as a I bear with chasing around the year and half year old =)

I am also going to be doing a few collegiate wreaths soon and will update as soon as I have more then just the Florida State beauty that I am keeping for myself ;)

Till Next Time,

Lucky Scraps: Handmade Ribbon Wreaths

Lucky Scraps: Bow Holders

Customized / Made to Order
Full Size 16x20      $15.00
Half Size 20x8       $10.00

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