Thursday, December 17, 2015

Miss Evy's 2nd Birthday

Our Crazy Little Cowgirl, Evelynn Grace turned two this past month! We had a blast planning this birthday party for her and all of her little friends. It was a cowgirl theme from the food to the games. Miss Evy has had such a bloom in her BIG personality this year. She and Karabella are so different in so many ways and I love that about them. They are each their own person but one thing they share is that they have such big hearts (especially for each other!). Here are a few memorable moments for our Evelynn Grace this year

  • Evy started sleeping through the night at 15 months. Yay for Mommy and Daddy!
  • She loves to brush her teeth (like religiously 3-4 times a day!)
  • Her favorite movies are Frozen (like every other young girl under the age of 10) and Tarzan.
  • When Kara started full time school, she missed her sister like crazy those first few weeks. One of her first full sentences was "Where is sissy?" I started saying "Sissy is at school." Now, every morning after drop off she says to me, "Where is Sissy? Sissy at School." Which actually sounds more like "Sissy at Cool" It is so sweet and tender-hearted to hear. It's like she finally accepted the fact that Kara wasn't there during the day and has to reaffirm herself every morning!
  • Evy GG loves to eat meat. She actually really loves to eat almost anything, but meat is her favorite. This girl loves her a chicken leg and one of Daddy's grilled steaks.
  • She looks just like her father did at that age. I call her Hunter's little doppelganger because the resemblance is uncanny.
  • She loves to play dress up with Mommy's clothes, especially the underwear. It's kinda weird for her to come out of my closet with 23 pairs of undies wrapped around her head, but I laugh hysterically every time. 
  • She only started using a pacifier at around 8 months, but now she is obsessed with them. I know I should start weening her off of it, but that is a battle for another day. She also is obsessed with playing with my hair (or long hair in general). Some kids have a security blanket that they need to go to sleep, Evy G has my hair and a passy. 
  • Kara is a spitfire now, but at age 2 she seemed a lot less dramatic then Evy is now. Evy Schneevy is a little diva darlin'.
  • Her favorite games are chase and hide and seek.
  • She loves to ride the kid cars we have, but does not understand the concept of steering. Whatever direction the wheel is, that's where she goes! 
  • All in All we love our little girl. She is definitely sugar and spice, but everything nice. Happy 2nd Birthday Miss Evy!

And now for the Birthday Party!

Theme:   Cowgirl (Aqua & Pink)
Motto: "This Ain't my First Rodeo....It's my 2nd!"
  • Paw's Slow Cooked BBQ Pork
  • Git Along Lil Hot Doggies
  • Rootin Tootin Baked Beans
  • Maws Homemade Coleslaw
  • Tumbleweed Potato Salad
  • Mouth Waterin Mac & Cheese
  • Campfire Brunswick Stew
  • Cowgirl Cake
  • Haystacks (Rice Krispies) & Cow Patties (Chocolate Moon Pies)
Fun & Games: 
  • Pan Yer Gold
  • Giddy Up Cowgirl
  • Horse Wranglin
  • Horseshoe Toss
  • The Broncin' Barrel
  • Craftin' Coral
  • The Boot Candy Store (Pinata)
  • Photo Booth
  • Tractor Ride
  • Grab Yer Gear Partner (Party Favors: Bandannas & Hats)
Matching Printables Designed by Lucky7s Studio
  • Invitations
  • Direction Cards
  • "Happy Birthday" Banner
  • Menu
  • Dessert Table Banner
  • Food Labels
  • Game Signs
  • Photo Booth Props

Look at all the Fun.......


My Dad and Hunter made this "Broncin' Barrel"

Pan Yer' Gold: Spray Pained rocks gold and cooking pans for sifters

Giddy Up Cowgirl: Enter the Rodeo box for some Bouncy Horse fun

Horse Wraglin': Toy Horses that you Lasso with a Hula Hoop and Rope

Found this Pinata at Hobby Lobby and had to have it for Party....
I haven't been to a party in years that had a toy pinata!

This cutie looks good in his party gear: bandanna, cowboy hat, and sheriff badge

Boot and Horseshoe CupCake Cake

My Mom and I made these dresses for the girls
from old Oshgosh Overalls and bandannas
All three Bandannas sold at Hobby Lobby! 

Thanks to all our family and friends who helped make this party so much fun and for all you do for our family! We love each and everyone of you. You are important to us!

Till Next Time!

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