Friday, January 15, 2016

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! This Lucky family had a wonderful Christmas and holiday season. When less is sometimes more in this household we tried to keep it light on presents and more on experiences. This year we left the day after Christmas for a Smokey Mountain vacation with my parents (This was their Christmas to us!) What a blast we had. The weather was hot though. Never thought I would see people wearing shorts and tank tops in Gatlinburg on December 26th, but we did! The "coldest" it got the entire week was 65 degrees! 

My parents have been going to Tennessee after Christmas for several years now. This year we asked if they would take us with them as our Christmas present to us and they were happy to do so. I have realized after the last few Christmases that we are already so blessed with so many things, I would rather we were gifted more time, experiences, and memories then more "things". Every new year I was having to clean out closets and toy bins to make room for all the Christmas presents...presents that over the years will eventually be in the clean out bins themselves. What a wonderful gift my parents gave us this year with all the fun memories we shared and created by this wonderful trip. Memories that will live in our pictures and hearts and will never find themselves being thrown out or recycled! 

I truly hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and that each of you reading this are already enjoying the fresh start that a new year brings!

Till Next Time!

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