Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Barbie Makeover Birthday Party

Happy Birthday to our Sweet Karabella! 

A makeover party is just what Doctor Barbie ordered! 

Kara wanted to have a barbie party this year, as well as a dress-up makeover, so we combined the two and had a Girls-Only Barbie Makeover party. We had a Hair & Makeup station and a Mani / Pedi station. Each girl got to go to each station for their very own makeover. At the end, we took a ton of pictures of each child (and the grown-ups too!) in the Barbie Box (courtesy of Daddy!).

Daddy made a life-size Barbie Box for the party! AND Miss Barbie herself greeted the party-goers at the front door!

All of Kara's Girlfriends got their very own makeover kit, complete with Pink Brush, Hair Bows, Makeup, lip glosses, makeup bag,  fun jewelry , Barbie tissues, and ring pop candy!

Miss Evy at the Hair Makeover station with my cousin Michelle

The Mani & Pedi Station in Evy's Room

Can't Believe my baby is 6!

Sweet girls playing with Kara's new Barbie House!

Kara playing with her NEW Barbie Camper. Thank you Nana & PawPaw!

Party Breakdown

This was actually a fairly inexpensive party, since we found almost all of the decorations, makeover supplies, and thank-you makeover kits at Dollar Tree. So many people ask me where I find certain things, or how they too can have a party with same theme, so here is the Party breakdown for this Barbie Makeover Party.

Decorations (all matching Pink Zebra design / $1 each/ appr. $15):
  • Table Clothes
  • Plates (2)
  • Napkins (2)
  • Plates & Cups(enough for 20)

Makeover Supplies (~$15.00):
  • Nail Polishes
  • mani and pedi tools
  • hair spray
  • bobby pins 
  • Colored Glitter Spray
  • Mary Kay Makeover Tester Sheets -courtesy of a great friend who sells MK!

Makeover Kits (8 kits total / ~$8 each / ~$65 Total)
  • Pink Bath Caddy
  • Pink Zebra Brush
  • Mirror
  • Lip Glosses
  • Star Necklaces
  • Fancy Shades
  • Barbie Tissues (3 in pack at Dollar Tree!)
  • Bubble Gum
  • Ring Pop (8 pk at Dollor Tree)

I ordered the cake and cupcakes from Walmart Bakery It was the zebra print party cake with Pink accents. I actually found the "Barbie" logo and flower toppers at Dollar Tree (1/4 sheet cake plus 12 cupcakes, ~$25)

We had a crockpot lasagna (feeds like 20 people!), Stouffers mac & cheese (9.99) (Kara's favorite), and salad & breadsticks (4 packs, that I got BOGO at Winn Dixie). I made Sweet Tea and Pink Koolaid (~ $40.00 TOTAL <<<<<yes That is the correct price on that! I will say that the meat for the lasagna was deer meat that we already have stocked in freezer)

And of course all of the stationary and party printables I did in-house  (Free for Me, but You can purchase at the Lucky 7s Studio!) This included invitations, gift tags, banners, name plates, Barbie Logos for Barbie box, and Thank you cards that Kara filled out after party. 

Total the Cost was around $150, which is a budget friendly party in my book! I will say the easiest way to keep party cost down is to plan, plan, PLAN! I knew what party we were having for Kara in June (Birthday was in August!) So all throughout the summer I started to stockpile things that I would find a good deal on. Same for food. When I saw that non perishable or freezer items were BOGO I went ahead a purchased them. 

Also, A few years ago (and parties ago), I started a party box that I keep extra items in that can be used later on. This box includes things like table covers, ribbons, balloons, & plastic containers that are generic colors that can be used for other things. This way if i buy extra or too much for one party, I can keep cost down by saving them and using them for a later party.

Happy Party Planning!

Till Next Time!

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