Thursday, February 6, 2020

Valentine's Day School Freebies

Good Morning Lucky Followers!

We have about a week until Valentine's Day is here, and while the kiddos were out for a teacher planning day we designed the girls' Valentines cards and gifts this year. There have been some years where we did the store bought cards and candy, and some years where we've made our own, and there have been a few years where I used other moms freebies off Pinterest. Of course, it is all fun no matter the project that we choose.

SOOOOO....In the spirit of LOVE, I've listed below two free Valentine's Day Printables! I will try to just do a quick run through what you will need for each freebie and a cost break down for each set. The Free Printable Links are also listed below.

1. Bugs & Kisses 

1. Print Free Printable on Landscape mode (2 Bug Jars per sheet)
2. Clear Gift Bag (pkg of 20 for $1.00)
3. 1 3lb bag of Gummy Worms (Walmart $4.88)
4. Cute Ties or Ribbons for each bag

So this Bugs & Kisses Freebie will cost around $7 for about 20 Valentine's Card Bags.

 Bugs & Kisses Free Valentine Printable

2. Your Friendship Blows Me Away

1. Print Free Printable on Landscape mode (1 Bag Label per sheet)
2. Snack size Ziploc bags (pkg of 100 for $2)
3. You can include a Blow Pop suckers ($2.50 for 16), Balloons (Punch Balloons 4 for $1), and Bubbles ($4 for 24ct). All can be purchased at Dollar Tree or Walmart. We actually did the party gift bubbles from Walmart.

So this Friendship Freebie will cost around around $.60 per gift bag or around $10 for a class of 16.



We hope you are your family have a very Happy Valentine's Day and that you can enjoy these freebies as much as we have! 

You can also check out more Lucky Freebies on our Free Printable Page HERE!

Until Next Time!

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