Monday, June 23, 2014

Father's Day Projects

Father's Day Projects

We had a great time creating a Father's day projects for all the great men in our life.  It's been two weeks since that Sunday, but I have been so busy getting  Kara registered for VPK in August and getting little Evy set up for her tongue tie surgery, that I haven't had time to edit and post all the cuteness these two sweet girls did for Daddy's Day.

My little {Lucky} clovers got to add their personal touches for their homemade gifts for their Daddy, PawPaw, and GR. I finally pulled off making my mother-in-law's breakfast casserole for the Hubbs this year. He secretly (wink wink) confessed that he liked mine better!

Our "DAD" Photo-shoot was harder to pull off than expected. Evy was trying to eat everything in sight, whether it was the letter, the grass, or her sister's hair. Plus, the mosquitos and yellow flies have become like an 11th plague in Florida this year so we had to make it quickly. In the end I just decided that even with Evy going nom nom nom on the Letter A it made for a cute, albeit quick, photo-shoot just for daddy.

We got even more "artsy" for the grandfathers with a little "Hooked On" paint fun. Kara's hand became the fish and she helped with the water and grass. Evy got her foot painted to become a fishing pole. She had us all laughing as she wiggled those piggies with paint all over them.

Now Daddy and Mommy both have art made with love proudly on display in our home.

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