Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Our Lucky Seven Life

So today is a start for something new for this Rowell family. In actuality, this blog was created about two years ago. However being new to the  "blogosphere" I had completed my first entry, set up the blog layout, clicked post, and in true {lucky} fashion the entire post was deleted. At the time I took it as a sign from the heavens that the start of my blogging career had past GO and immediately crossed the finish line.

Looking back, I can see how the timing was off. Our life was more hectic than {lucky}. Now, as we approach our 7th wedding anniversary, it just seems fitting to bring new life to Lucky Sevens. Now, more than ever I need the creative outlet that an unfiltered thought process of pen to paper (or type to page in this case) can give this stay at home mom and wife.

So here we go....Introductions....This is The ROWELL family.

My name is Katrina and my husband, Hunter, and I met in middle school. We were friends all through high school and then started dating in college. That entire relationship transition will take an entire separate blog entry, so I will keep that on the back burner for now. But in summary we dated for two years, were engaged for one year and married with thousands of other happy couples on the very blessed date of July 7, 2007, or 7-7-7 {Lucky Sevens}.

Three years later we were blessed with our first addition, Miss Karabella (Kara, Karebear, Punky). Add another three years and the lovely Miss Evelynn (Evy, Evy GG, Sissy) was added to our {Lucky} brood. Our two rat terrier doggies, Missy and Dakota, round off this family. The hubby is swimming in a sea of estrogen around this house, claiming he needs to trade in the pets for one big MALE dog to even out the playing field. So far it hasn't happened. Maybe we'll get {Lucky} when we try for Rowell baby number three ;)

And now what? What does one write about on a blog? I had to remind myself that this is not the journaling of my former adolescent, where with each new book I need to write out my entire life story in summary on the first few pages to keep its' readers (like there was anyone but me?) up to date with the current on goings of said adolescent. I think I have covered the basics in this first entry: love, family, pets, job.

As for this blog, Lucky Sevens, it will only be a reflection of the thoughts of it's writer. It will not always be inspiring. It will not always be funny. It will not always be correct. There are days where I can praise Jesus all day 'cause it's Sunday, and others where I curse to myself all day 'cause it's only Wednesday. Aiming for perfection has never been a goal of mine. I typically find the most happiness in the flawed imperfections of life. Hopefully, the readers of this blog can find happiness in some of the same imperfections.

Life's not perfect, but Life can be blessed. And for me I feel pretty {Lucky} in the hand I have been dealt.

Till next time...

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