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Our Amazing {Crazy, Busy, Fast, Hot} Summer 2015!

So it's been since May since my last post....I have been a horrible blogger this summer! In my defense with Kara home these past 2 months, we were super busy....but we did have an Amazing {Crazy, Busy, Fast, Hot} Summer! This week Evy and I are trying to find a new groove since our big girl Kara started Kindergarten (Whooooo HOOOOO!!!). I made me a nice, not-so-little, list (You Know how much I love my list checking!). I have a little more time for my family blogging now, and "UPDATE BLOG WITH NEW POST"  was at the top of that list.

So here is our Amazing {Crazy, Busy, Fast, Hot} Summer in a nutshell!

Kara Graduated Pre-K!

To Start off Summer, You have to end a school year. Our sweet girl Karabella graduated her pre-k program. The school she attended threw the cutest ceremony for all the pre-k students, parents, and friends. Our Karebear was just to cute when she "practically" sang a solo during the "One Small Voice" song the students performed. With her birthday right before the class cutoff date she will probably be one of the youngest kids in all her grades, and right now she looks to be one of the shortest as well! So proud of our big girl and I know (and pray) that she has a BIG and BRIGHT future ahead.

Cedar Key Vacation

I did a post last summer about the Rowell Annual Vacation to Riverbend and the love and tradition that has been in place for that vacation for 30 years. Do to some unforeseen conflicts, I am sad to say that we did not get to go to Riverbend this year, but several us did get to meet up in Cedar Key, Florida this year. Here are a few of the pics to recap that week =)

I See You!
G.R. and Walker kayaking by boat

This is the trip home from Cedar Key. Miss Evy GG loves her some Frozen!

Vacation Bible School

The week after our Cedar Key Vacation, Karabella had Vacation Bible School. She loved it! Here is a cute video of the girls dancing to one of their theme songs on the last night of VBS!

Fourth of July

We had a wonderful 4th of July here in Panama City. Beautiful weather all week long. Kara taught her self to swim this week....and I mean she literally taught herself! She had been playing around with a mask and snorkel in the bath tub, and we got her to do some light underwater swimming in Cedar Key. We went out to the Island on July 3rd and she was swimming with her mask and had her puddle jumper on (if you dont know what that is and you have small need to buy one! They are awesone and truly helps kids learn to swimming safety and floating!). She asked if she could practice swimming without the swimmers on, so we took them off and right before our eyes our little mermaid became a full blown fish! She loves swimming now and I am shocked and amazed that she learned how to do it all on her own.  
Kara swimming with Daddy at Island

Rowell Girls with their Daddy

4th of July with the Miles Family (Kat's Family)
During the 4th holiday, we also got a visit from one of Hunter's closest childhood friends, Uncle John! John has been living in London. This was his first visit back stateside since he left three years ago. And it was his first time seeing Miss Evy in person. Both of the girls just love their "Uncle" John. It was a great visit!
John and Hunter

The giant starfish Kara found

Lucky Seven 8th Anniversary

Hunter and I celebrated our 8th wedding Anniversary this year. With a Tuesday Anniversary after a 4th of July weekend (and already busy /packed) summer, our version of a good celebration was a low-key, no kid trip to the Island on a Tuesday afternoon. It's amazing how many bags you DON'T have to take on a boat when it is just two adults going to the beach. We got to act like the big dorks that we are and swim and fish to our hearts content (without having to be on guard with kiddos in the water!) We took our little grill and made hot dogs on the boat, and had two wonderful cupcakes with some Cupcake champagne that Hunter's parents sent with us on the boat. Nothing says "Happy Anniversary!" like sausage hotdogs, cupcakes, and champagn! Ha! Ha! It was a wonderful afternoon with just me and the Hubbs to eat, drink, and be merry as we celebrated 8 years. 

ShipWreck Island and Shell Island...Staying cool in the Water!

It has been a hot, Hot, HOT summer here in PC! We spent so much time in the water trying to stay cool. Whether it was at Shipwreck Island water park (We all had season passes thanks to Grandmama wahoo!) or Shell Island by boat, or my parents pool, or even our own water toys and slide....the only way to stay cool and stay outside was with water involvement! Both of the girls love water. It's amazing to me how my Kara has such fair skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes...and Evy has green eyes, dark brown hair, and can sport a glowing tan after one day outside! We definitely invested in some serious SPF for Kara and I this summer!

Water Slide fun up on Farm

Summer Fun Crafts

 We did lots of arts and crafts this summer. I have being slowly building a Handprint collection of the girls for each holiday or season that is displayed on our foyer table. This is one we did this summer. Kara's hand is the Palm tree and Evy's hand is the pink flamingo =)
Summer Handprint Art.

Homemade 4th of July Shirts

Paint Fun

Camping with Friends at Little Blue Lake

In early August we got to spend a weekend camping up on our friends lake. I must admit, I was a bit of party pooper at first because it was forcasted to be a nasty weekend weather wise. But I am so glad we went anyway (Yes, Hunter even I can admit when I am wrong!). It turned out to be a wonderful weekend, beautiful weather, and a great time with our friends!

Disney Princess Live!

My wonderful mother in law took Kara to the Disney Princess live a few years ago and she loved it. When I saw that they were coming to the civic center again I wanted to take both girls, but never got tickets. We were really blessed when a work friend of my mother won tickets on a local radio show and gave them to her. This time we got to dress both girls up and go see not only three of the great Disney Princesses, but Mickey Mouse and friends too!

Camping and Scalloping in Port St. Joe with Nana & PawPaw

The last few days before the end of summer my parents spent a week in PSJ camping and scalloping. The just celebrated 31 years of marriage and this was a bit of an anniversary getaway for them. But of course being the awesome parents and grandparents they are the invited us to come over anytime that we could. So the girls and I packed an overnight bag to ride over and see them and camp with them overnight. 

This little getaway in PSJ with my parents was the #RowellGirls last summer hoorah before the start of the new school year. It was a great two days spent like the rest of our Amazing {Crazy, Busy, Fast, Hot} Summer of 2015!

Till Next Time, 

Next up.....Kara starts Kindergarten!

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